Tech-8009: Assisted Living, Hospice, Rehab, and Palliative Care Facility for Sale in the North East

This two-year old 47-bed Elder Care Facility was developed by a Company that has over ten years of experience in providing in-home nursing and hospice care.  The facility sits on a beautiful 40-acre property currently has two buildings of 7,000 sq. ft. each for providing Elder Care. However, the owners have recognized the great potential that this property has if they expand into related services and bring Hospice care, Memory care, and Rehab facility on this campus.

The expansion will add three more buildings with additional 52,000 sq ft. of space, so that the total space will be 66,000 sq ft and total patients and residents / patient population will jump to 145 patients. All of the approvals and preliminary drawings and plans are in place.

Currently, Company sends a significant portion of its resident population to outside Hospice and Rehab Care facilities and has done a thorough market study that demonstrates a need for this expansion in the area. The Company accepts all of the major insurance plans.

To make this vision a reality,the owners are looking to get a strategic partner who has the resources to carry out this vision. They are willing to sell a majority stake or all of the company. This presents a great opportunity for the buyer / partner, where a lot of the preliminary work has already been done and the expansion work can be started very soon.

– 2016 Revenue (projected from first 3 months): US$980K; EBITDA: US$435K (projected)
– Occupancy: 80%
– 2019-2020 Revenue (projected 1 year after expansion) : US$ 16 million; EBITDA: US$4 million
– Appraised Price of the Business and Property: US$4.76 million
US$2.24 million for the business and US$2.52 million for the real estate)
– Estimated Cost of Expansion: US$12 million